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PSA: (Protection Sports Association)

PSA is a highly sought after protection sport in the United States, and abroad. PSA has been labeled the MMA of protection sports for its relentlessness of constantly challenging you and your dog on the trial field. PSA is a scenario-based sport with 4 different levels PDC (Protection Dog Certificate) PSA1, PSA2 and PSA3. While the PDC is not an actual title for your dog, it is the entry-level test every dog has to complete before being able to compete and earn titles.

Personal Protection Dogs (Guard Dog) :

A personal protection dog is not a dog that is trained to run and attack everyone and anyone, it is a dog that is trained to guard & defend you, your family, & home. The purpose of a personal protection dog is so that you have time to get away from a dangerous or violent aggressor and reach a place of safety, or have the ability to call for help. This is a guard dog that can be a pet and a protector.



Contact us today to set up you free dog protection training evaluation and let us take you to the next step with any protection goals you would like to achieve! 

Please note not all dogs are going to be capable of being protection dogs whether it is sport or personal protection. Some dogs do not have the temperament suited to dog protection training. Our protection dog trainers will evaluate your dog and let you know the best course of action, based on their expert opinion as a trainer.

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